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This is a discussion on Auto-muck within the online poker forums, ... I always auto muck my hands although I will occasionally show a bluff ... 888 Poker ... Mucking Your Hand at Showdown - Good or Bad? | PokerNews

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Titan Poker - Collect Welcome Bonus of $500 Poker room controls feature such options as Auto Muck to fold a hand during a losing showdown without revealing cards and Auto Post to put up blinds automatically when required. betfair Poker - Review and Bonus [2017] | PokerHack These include the classic auto-muck, the standard auto-post, and the somewhat unique view hand strength.

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Auto-muck - Online Poker - CardsChat Poker at: 888 Poker. Game: Hold'em. Posts: 894. I always auto muck because I don't like showing my hand.I usually have auto-muck on moves the game along a little faster, and one less action I need to take at the end of the hand. (especially nice when multi-tabling). Что означает Muck Losing/Uncalled Hands (PartyPoker)? -… Насчёт "Losing/Uncalled Hands" всё ясно. А что означает Muck? В словаре написано "навоз".Но некоторые программы (Poker Indicator, PAHud по-моему тоже) могут показывать макнутые руки на Пати и в некоторых других румах.

888.com offers ring games of Texas Hold'em, Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi/Lo and Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo variations 24 hours a day. ... Before it is your turn to act, you can use the black auto-action radio buttons to determine what you want to do when your turn comes around. This is especially useful when playing multi-hand poker. Sometimes a hand passes.

What does the term Muck mean in poker? As a verb, muck means to fold a hand. So a player who has mucked his or her hand has folded. This usage developed because when a player folds, he or she discards in the direction of the muck, atIn most poker games, once a card is discarded or misdealt, it is out of play for the remainder of the hand. 888Poker Guide – Pokeit Help Center | Hand Histories To configure 888Poker to save hand histories while you play: In the poker lobby, select Settings > Game Settings from the main menu.Make note of the location on your computer where 888Poker will be saving hands so you can add that folder to Pokeit later. Click 'Save and close' to confirm.